Recent software

Inference and Planning Under Uncertainty Using Information Roadmaps

Software in this page is in active development. They are usable but may not be stable, or documentation may not be complete.
  1. FIRM MATLAB Toolbox: This application is an implementation of Feedback-based Information Road Maps (FIRM) in MATLAB. There are easy to use demos with a GUI.
  2. FIRM in C++: I have converted my FIRM Matlab Toolbox to C++. The original code was partially using PMPL (Parasol Motion Planning Library) package to generate underlying probabilistic roadmaps. In collaboration with Saurav Agarwal, and we wrote a new version of the code that utilizes open-source OMPL (Open Motion Planning Library) to generate the underlying probabilistic roadmap. Code can be found here.

Feedback / Reporting Bugs

Any feedback is really appreciated. Please report bugs by creating an issue on the project's github page. If you are not on github, or would not like to post publicly, then please send an email to me or Saurav at sauravag [at] tamu [dot] edu.