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My research on health-aware planning under uncertainty, package delivery using quadrotors, and augmented reality for cyber-physical systems has been featured in a number of technology news websites.

It was on the MIT homepage twice, once on Aug 21, 2014 and again on Oct 29, 2014.

Health-aware planning under uncertainty and package delivery using quadcopters

Tech News

MIT News, Wired, Boston Globe, BetaBoston, Yahoo news, Factor-Tech, GigaOM, VentureBeat, Economic times, RedOrbit

Science, ACM Tech News, Science News, Live Science

Quadrotor blogs

Laurens Drone Blog, TechSwarm, Gizmag, Electronics Weekly DYI Drones I,,


CnBeta (Chinese), CDR (Czech), Terra (Chile), Intisari (Indenosian), Tech (Chinese)

Measurable augmented reality for prototyping cyber-physical systems

Tech News

MIT news office, IEEE Spectrum, Gizmag, GE Foundation, Augmented Reality Trends

Planning under uncertainty for multi-robot systems

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