I have an unfulfilled desire to attend more classes than time permits. Below is the list of classes, I have attended in my post-doc and graduate studies as well as a few of my undergraduate courses.

Selected Courses

Convex Analysis and Optimization (audited)

Stochastic Control

Stochastic Differential Equations

Probability for Application (Measure Theoretic aspect)

Geometric Nonlinear Control Theory

Principals of Analysis I (audited)

Artificial Intelligence (online course - audited)

Stochastic Processes (Measure Theoretic aspect)

Estimation of Dynamical Systems

Analysis for Application I

Diff. Geometry on curves/surfaces (partially audited)

Estimation and Detection Theory

Stochastic Dynamical Systems

Optimization II

Convex Optimization

Robotic Vision

Finite element methods in scientific computing

AI-Robotics (audited)

Linear Algebra II

Robotics (Dynamics and Control)

Advanced Engineering Mathematics

Optimal Control

Pattern Recognition

Seminar on different approaches to SLAM

Neural Networks

Multi-Variable Control

Distributed AI (Reinforcement Learning)

Fuzzy Control

Machine Vision (audited)

Digital and Nonlinear Control

Modern Control

Linear Control Systems

Simulation and Modeling

Soft Computing (audited)

Prof. Bertsekas

Prof. P.R. Kumar

Prof. Panchenko

Prof. Panchenko

Prof. Zelenko

Prof. Smith

Prof. Thrun

Prof. Gautam

Prof. Junkins

Prof. Narcowich

Prof. Zelenko

Prof. Chamberland

Prof. Chakravorty

Prof. Bangerth

Prof. Cui

Prof. Song

Prof. Bangerth

Prof. Murphy

Prof. Zinn

Prof. Taghirad

Prof. Nekoui

Prof. Nekoui

Prof. Abrishami moghaddam

Prof. Taghirad

Prof. Teshnelab

Prof. Khaki Sedigh

Prof. Nili Ahmadabadi

Prof. Fatehi

Prof. Araabi

Prof. Vakili

Prof. Alizadeh

Prof. Alizadeh

Prof. Khanmohammadi

Prof. Vakili